Step 1:

Does your transom:

  1. Slant Aft? If yes, you need RT-400-AFT
  2. Slant forward less than 11 degrees? If yes, you need RT-400-TM
  3. Slant forward greater than 11 degrees? If yes, you need RT-400-FOR

There are a couple of special considerations that should be made in choosing the right Remote Troll. Please look at the boat variations below. If your boat has either of these needs, please call and we will assist you making the right choice. (800)584-6943

If you have TRIM TABS which you think may interfere with the operation of the Remote Troll, please call our customer support number to that we can assist you in ordering the perfect fit for you boat. Generally trim tabs do not interfere but don’t heistate to ask. (800)584-6943

If you have a STEP-DOWN type transom, such as the one found on many LUND boats, we likely have a mount for your boat. Special consideration must be taken when selecting the correct mounts in this situation. (800)584-6943

* This website can guide you through the process of picking and buying a Remote-Troll steering system. However, if you have questions that are not answered here or feel more comfortable talking to a real human being please don’t hesitate to call. (800) 584-6943