Installation Instructions

Installation instructions can be found here for the following items:

Remote-Troll Installation General

Review the detailed instructions describing the proper installation of the Remote-Troll bracket.  Ask dealer to explain installation and review instructions. Ensure your Remote Troll is properly installed per owners manual and a copy of owners manual is received.  If there is any question regarding the installation, please contact your dealer or Remote-Troll Mfg. for clarification.


Remote-Trolls are easy to install. With some assistance, hold the Remote-Troll in place.  Does this location place the Remote-Troll square with the boat?  Is there any interference with cables, fuel lines, trim tabs, or the main motor?  Will this location put the propeller of the trolling motor sufficiently deep in the water?  The cavitation plate should be a minimum of 1”-2” below the water – more if you will be using the trolling motor in big water, such as the ocean or Great Lakes.  Make sure, also, that the Remote-Troll is not too low – compare the water line with the depth sticker on the Remote-Troll.  If you drill holes in a Remote-Troll bracket, it cannot be returned for exchange for a different bracket.  Therefore, use dry fitting to make sure you have the correct bracket before drilling any holes.

Transom Mount Installations

Transom brackets are installed with four bolts through the transom.  Some transoms are sufficiently strong to hold the Remote-Troll.  Others are not.  If there is any doubt, use a backing plate on the inside of the transom.  The backing plate can be any rigid material (aluminum, plywood, etc.) that will distribute the load.  The nuts and washers are installed on the inside of the transom.

Swim platform installations

Swim platform brackets are installed with four bolts through the swim platform.  Some swim platforms are stronger than others.  Your swim platform installation may need a backing plate.  Also, if it is not strong enough to carry the weight of the Remote-Troll and the motor, you may need to add support to the platform.  If you are unsure, contact your boat dealer or Remote-Troll Mfg. prior to installation.

After determining where your holes are to be located, drill 3/16” pilot holes first, then drill the final holes with a 7/16” bit.  Caution:  Make sure that the Remote-Troll motor power cord will reach the transom before you drill the 1 1/8” hole for the female plug.

Make sure that all nuts are snug and properly sealed.  Always use a safety strap, chain or cable sufficiently strong to support your motor.

If you have any questions, please seek professional help or call Remote-Troll Mfg. at 800-584-6943 before proceeding

Attachment Of The Outboard Motor

The attachment of the outboard motor is very basic.  Center the outboard motor over the movable transom of the Remote-Troll and lower it down until it is seated.  Tighten the motor clamps until the motor is seated firmly against the black high density polyethylene.  Using the proper tool for your motor, tighten the motor pivot to lock your motor in the centered position (see you motor’s owner’s manual for instructions).

The High Density Polyethylene provides a secure clamping surface. A safety chain, cable or strap sufficiently strong to hold your motor must be used to tether your motor to your boat while on water or when trailering.

Power Cord & Wireless Installation

Power Cord Hook-Up Using Marinco Plugs

Wireless Hook-Up Using Marinco Plugs

Power Cord Hook-Up Using 4-Pin Plugs

Wireless Hook-Up Using 4-Pin Plugs

Installing a Remote-Troll Stainless Steel Cable


  1. Remove the Remote-Troll from the boat by removing the two bottom bolts and lifting the Remote-Troll from the mounting bracket.
  2. Loosen eyebolts to max length.
  3. Position the Remote-Troll on a workbench with the wood (or the black High Density Polyethylene) facing up.
  4. Stand with the bottom of the Remote-Troll toward you.
  5. From the right side, insert the cable inside of the motor mount spacer.
  6. Feed the cable down around the drum and up the left side until it comes out. The cable should now be wrapped around the drum, with the ends coming out between the two motor mount spacers.
  7. Hold the first wrap on the left side against the motor mount and begin the second wrap. By holding the left side, you will be able to make the second wrap above (toward the motor) the first wrap. Continue as with the first wrap.
  8. Now hold both wraps against the mounting plate and make a third wrap.
  9. When you have completed the third wrap, put the right end over the pulley and pull it down and attach it to the eyehbolt.
  10. Put the left end over the left pulley and attach the spring to it.
  11. Pull the spring down and attach it to the eyehook. Using a screwdriver helps to make the pulling easier.
  12. Tighten the nuts on the eyehooks equally until the body of the spring has spread to 3 5/8″. This will be enough tension for most motors. If you find the cable slipping on the drum, add more tension.

Close up of Remote-Troll unit cable wrap, starboard

Close up of Remote-Troll unit cable wrap, port