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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote-Trolls are designed to steer at trolling speeds -- generally 1-3 miles per hour with gas-power trolling motors up to 15 horsepower. The size motor you use depends on a number of factors. We know professional fishing guides with boats in the 26-30' range that use 6-9.9 horsepower motors.
Yes -- Click HERE to see which bracket is right for your boat.
No, not usually. Regardless of whether you're mounting directly to the transom or onto a swim platform, all Remote-Trolls mount with just four bolts (included). The only tough installations are ones where you do not have access to put a nut on the other end of the bolt (inside of the swim deck or transom), or if you are mounting to a very curved transom. Those installations take a little ingenuity. However, we’ve done these before, so call us and we’ll assist you. For the majority of boats, however, mounting is just a matter of drilling four holes, putting the bolts through, caulking, and tightening the nuts. One more hole (1 1/8") will be necessary for mounting the female electrical plug. Then, just align pivot pins on the steering system with slots on mounting bracket and insert two bolts through the bracket and into the Remote-Troll. Plug in the motor cord and start fishing.
Absolutely not! The electric motor in the Remote-Troll connects to your existing 12 volt battery. It only draws 3 amps, so you can use it all day without draining the battery.
Some of the toughest punishment our products get is not on the water, but on the road. Our first preference is that the trolling motor be removed during trailering. If the motor is removed, the Remote-Troll may be left in place while trailering. With today's heavier motors, we realize that many people find it impractical to remove the trolling motor. That heavier motor, though, is even harder on your boat and the Remote-Troll. If the motor is going to be left in place, a "transom saver" bracket must be used. This is a non-flexible strut that extends from your trailer to the bottom of the motor, and takes the pressure and vibration off of the Remote-Troll and your transom or swim platform. These struts can be purchased from your marine products dealer, usually for $25-$50. Failure to either remove the motor or use a non-flexible strut during trailering will void your Remote-Troll warranty.