Swim Deck

Step 2:

Two measurements are needed here, Shaft Length and Deck Height


Measuring "Shaft Length"

Most shafts are 15", 20" or 25". If you are unsure of the length of your shaft you can measure from the inside, top of the MOUNTING BRACKET to the bottom of the CAVITATION PLATE.

Measuring the "Total Deck Height"

 Measure from the TOP of the swim deck to the water. Make sure you boat is in the water with a normal load. This step is very important, do not guess.


shaft-length-500x.fw.png swim-deck-900x.fw.png


Step 3:

Perform the following calculation, then select your Remote Troll:

Shaft Length - Total Deck Height = Overall Drop

Overall Drop Value Recommended Remote Troll System Choose this extended version if you have a large bevel, radius or bumper on your swim platform.  
>9 RT - 95 or RT-400-TOP No extended version offered
5-8 RT-400-FM RT-400-FMX
2-4 RT-400-DM3 RT-400-DM3X
1-(-1) RT-400-DM6 RT-400-DM6X
(-2)-(-4)  No regular model  RT-400-DM9X
<-5 You need a custom bracket call:


* This website will guide you through the process of selecting and purchasing a Remote-Troll steering system. However, if you have questions that are not answered or feel more comfortable talking to a customer service rep, please call. (800)584-6943